About Me

Welcome to Gerwood Turning

Gerwood Turning is a local company run by Gerry McWeeney.

Gerry has over twenty years’ experience in woodturning and wood craft. A native of Dowth, in the heart of the historic Boyne Valley, he strives to use timber and materials locally sourced. Each creation is formed with great thought and care, with every piece being as unique and individual as the original timber itself.

Interested In Some Of My Work?

Get in touch with me and find out what pieces you might fall in love with.

My Passion

When working with wood, my passion is revealing what is hidden within each piece of timbre. I feel true excitement when I hold a piece of locally sourced wood and wonder what treasure it holds in its core – waiting to be discovered. When I look at a wood blank, some pieces immediately jump out to me, others can lie on the shelf for months before revealing themselves.

See The Story of The Craft

Find out how these unique pieces are created from sapling to tree to beautiful sculptures.