The Story

A Seed's Humble Beginnings in an Irish Forest

Deep within Ireland’s lush forests, a seed takes root. It’s the beginning of a long journey. Over time, this seed will transform, becoming a part of Ireland’s extensive woodland landscape.

a close up of a small green plant in dirt
low-angle photography of green-leafed tree
selective focus photography of vine plant

Nurtured by the Elements

Irish weather plays a crucial role in the seed’s development. Rain showers provide essential hydration while sunlight aids in its growth. The tree’s rings, added annually, are like chapters in a history book, each recording the climate and conditions of its time.

Gerry's Selection Process

After decades, when the tree has matured and is ripe for crafting, Gerry steps in. His years of experience guide him in choosing trees that aren’t just old, but also have character and a unique story to tell. He respects the tree’s life and ensures its legacy continues.

photo of brown wood slab

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Crafting with Passion

Once Gerry selects the perfect piece of wood, it’s time for crafting. Using a mix of traditional techniques and modern tools, he meticulously shapes the wood, preserving its natural beauty while giving it new form. It’s a balance of precision and creativity, ensuring each piece is both functional and aesthetic.

A Timeless Testament to the Landscape

Gerry’s hard work culminates in the finished product. Whether it’s a utensil, a decorative piece, or a functional item, the final craft isn’t just woodwork; it’s a slice of Irish history. Every item, shaped by Gerry’s hands and the environment it came from, stands as a testament to the Irish landscape and its stories.

a person holding a wooden bowl
yellow round fruits on brown wooden bowl